A NiYO banking solution in this NiYO World.

Here's what you can do with your NiYO Bhart Salary account,
hassle-free and ultimate financial benefits

Lifetime zero balance account

Life time zero balance account

Permanent salary account,even if jobs are are changed

Accidental insurance worth Rs. 1 lakh

Advance Salary

'Family Card' - An additional card for your love ones

instant account activation

A multilingual NiYO Bhart App,

Choose your language from multiple languages this user-friendly app Holds

One click is all you need,

  • To send money
  • to lock/unlock your ATM card
  • to check your transaction statement
  • to be happy and to be NiYO
A family card,

'Family Card' connected to NiYO account

Money for your family anytime, anywhere

Save money and time on money transfer

All that glitters is NiYO Bharat salary account

Buy & Sell gold in one click on NiYO Bharat app

NO Hidden processing charges

Get physical gold above 1 grams

A NiYO Life with
A NiYO Bharat Account.