5 Most common spending mistakes Indians make in Italy

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Italy is one of the top destinations on any traveller’s bucket list. Just like several other European countries, it is blessed with extremely beautiful and scenic places. But Italy is also very expensive.

And if you are travelling internationally for the first time, or Europe for the first time for that matter, managing the finances can be daunting. In pursuit of saving money, many wound up overspending. And that’s because of a few common mistakes that Indians are disposed to make. But information is empowering! So, to help you, we have created a list of mistakes that you must not make. 

1. Do not forget to do your homework

The single most key factor to perfecting your holiday is doing your homework intensively and extensively. You should cover a wide range of subjects – places to see, things to do, foods to eat, items to purchase, lodging to stay, restaurants to eat out at, and whatnot. But in the same vein, the other thing you must pay undivided attention to is the foreign exchange (forex)! 

As a traveller, it is expected that you are aware of the constantly altering figures of the currency exchange rates. Get yourself an international payments partner such as the INR-based zero forex markup Niyo Global card. You just add money to it in INR and use it in more than 150 countries across the globe, including India. Not to mention, you get complimentary airport lounge access across India so you can start your journey in style and comfort.

You must be aware of the currency of the country you are to travel to. Also, it is important that you wise yourself up to the general prices. Psst… the in-app currency convertor in the Niyo Global app can do the math for you, so you know the final amount even before you pay in foreign currency. 

In terms of shopping, you must find out and make a list of places wherefrom you may purchase gifts and souvenirs. There are high-end shops as well as places where with bargaining you can achieve better prices. Before sailing off you must be cognizant of all the peculiarities of a new place! 

2. Do not disregard the convenience of carrying plastic money over cash

Despite the exponential rise in the number of plastic money users, there is still a larger population of cash users. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the practice of taking along a roll of cash on vacations. But it might be possible that in the process of the journey and vacationing, there is always a little chance of being afflicted with the misery of losing some cash. You may lose the money due to your negligence or someone else’s, or perhaps due to theft or snatching. In this case, the plastic money can succour you. Being small, slim and pocket-friendly, your plastic card can save you by making everything easy and convenient for you. So, whether you need to withdraw some cash or pay at a shop or restaurant, one card will take you through all kinds of financial dealings effortlessly.

To help you get starting with planning on how to manage your money while travelling abroad — learn about the do’s and don’ts while carrying money abroad.

3. Are you looking for a forex card?

As we discuss plastic money – the credit, debit, and forex cards – they all indeed promise you a vacation free of anxiety over the possibilities of loss of cash. 

But the Niyo Global card takes a couple of steps more in providing the ultimate service. It brings you the best of an international debit card as well as a forex card. 

Firstly, the card is linked to a high interest-earning zero balance savings account that keeps working even when you are on vacation. 

Secondly, you will not be charged transaction fees every time you swipe the card at the counters or for online transactions. Only the amount required for a transaction is converted and the remaining amount in your account continues to earn interest and gives you a monthly payout.

Thirdly, it will let you keep tabs on the live VISA exchange rates, and as a result, you will always know how much you may have to pay on a certain item of purchase. 

The Niyo Global card comes with state-of-art safety and security features built right into the app. It lets you lock/unlock your entire card or individual payment channels (Ecom, POS, ATM Withdrawals, Tap & Pay) for both your domestic as well as international spending. You can ensure the safety of your account by blocking your card permanently through the app if you either misplace your card or it gets stolen. 

4. Don’t forget to research the cheap-shopping areas

When in Italy, one of the most exciting activities for you will certainly be shopping. But would it not be even better if you shop to the satisfaction of your heart without overspending? It will be. So long before your vacation commences, make the most of all the gadgets and the internet in order to ascertain the best places wherefrom you can shop at cheaper prices. Get a cup of good coffee and sit down with your laptop to create an insightful inventory of places or shops and jot down the addresses. Once you reach Italy, this list will be able to guide you, root and branch throughout the entire trip.

5. Don’t think of fancy lodgings, instead, say ‘No’ 

One of the most common spending mistakes that Indians commit during their trip to Italy is spending a lot on fancy stays. Italy is a beautiful place that is blessed with pristine beaches, picturesque hills, breathtaking landscapes, etc. So, very naturally, Indian travellers incline towards deciding in favour of booking hotels or resorts with scenic vistas. But this is where many people go wrong. These hotels and resorts are extortionately expensive propositions. Hence, if you want to spend on these, you are unwittingly agreeing to overshoot your budget, even before the commencement of the trip. Remember, it is never a good idea to spend inordinately on material items instead of emotional experiences if you want to stick to your budget.  

Once these mistakes are taken care of, you will discover the results. After your trip is over, let us know how it went. Here are a few tips for using leftover foreign currency after returning to India from your trip abroad.

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