6 Ways to Save With a Niyo Global Card While Travelling to Dubai

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Everything you need to know about how to travel smart and save with your Niyo Global card while travelling to Dubai

Dubai, as a travel destination, is invariably on every traveller’s bucket list. And this is because Dubai proffers exactly what the travelling eyes may desire to relish.

Dubai, as a travel destination, is invariably on every traveller’s bucket list. And this is because Dubai proffers exactly what the travelling eyes may desire to relish. But it is also a fact that Dubai is an expensive place, and it can get exorbitant for you if the currency conversion rate soars.. Now, it is impossible that if you’re going to Dubai, you won’t shop and dine! But the prices go through the roof at the Dubai malls. But if you have a prepaid forex card, it may help you to save some money. And who doesn’t want to save money at the end of the day, right? 

So, before you get to the point of booking the flights to the city of gold, why don’t you go through this article that will help you to bring down the total expenditure so that you can ensure an enjoyable sojourn for yourself! 

To make it easy for the Indian passport holders travelling overseas, Niyo Global brings you a bundle of cost-efficient and smart features that’ll help make handling payments during your trip smooth and easy.

1. Zero forex markup

Many people deem the concept of purchasing foreign currency beneficial. Some consider a traveller’s cheque as a more favourable option. While some believe a forex card invariably offers better and cheaper exchange rates, others think that debit and credit cards are the best. 

To bring you the best features of a forex card as well as an international debit card, Niyo Global comes with ZERO forex markup, which means your transactions are charged only the VISA exchange rates and there’s no other fee involved. That’ll help you save as much as up to 5% on every transaction you make in a foreign currency. 

2. Earn up to 5% interest with a monthly payout

One of the significant attributes of the Niyo Global account is that while you are taking in the sights and enjoying your vacation, your account continues to be at work. Your savings account balance earns up to 5% interest* p.a. with a monthly payout. Therefore, irrespective of the amount you load into the card, you do not need to agonize over it being stuck in there.  

3. Load in INR and spend in 100+ currencies across 150+ countries

Another benefit of the Niyo Global card is that you don’t have to think about loading it in different currencies. You just need to load your account in INR (Indian Rupees) and the rest is taken care of by the card. Every time you use your card to make a payment, it automatically converts the amount required from INR to the local currency of the country you are in. And the remaining money continues to earn interest.

So, in case you consider hopping from UAE to some other neighbouring nation(s), the Niyo Global card will make your life easier. And no matter whichever country you visit, you may use your card as it works at all VISA accepting merchants. Considering the worldwide VISA network, the Niyo Global card has the best acceptance rate in 100+ currencies across 150+ countries.

4. Real-time transaction tracking

Keeping abreast of all the financial transactions carried out is the sign of a cautious and wise traveller. And when you are travelling in a foreign land, your sense of vigilance will automatically turn up by a few notches. This is where the Niyo Global card will come in to play a consequential role. It will send you alerts and notifications so that even a smidgen of discrepancy does not go unnoticed. To help you keep track of your funds, all your transactions are always listed in the local currency and updated in the app each time you spend somewhere.

5. No hidden charges

You probably know that credit, as well as debit cards, levy additional charges every time they are swiped at a point-of-sale counter. But if you carry out your transaction using a Niyo Global card, you can rest assured that there’re no hidden charges.

6. Nearby ATM Locator

Today, it’s a matter of concern to carry cash along on a trip. The possibilities of money loss are manifold, hence the increasing inclination towards the usage of plastic money. You may think that a traveller’s cheque can be a good alternative to cash. But the inevitable problem with a traveller’s cheque is that you need to factor in an unconscionable amount of time waiting at the counter of a business establishment or bank in order to accept the cheque so that you may encash your money for use. The matter may worsen if you discover that there are no banks close by, smacking of further waste of your invaluable vacation time. Moreover, travellers’ cheques have become redundant in the recent times.

On the other hand, the Niyo Global card will simply let you load money so that you can swipe it at any ATM and withdraw local currency at any time.

We hope these points are self-explanatory enough to aid you to make informed decisions about the financial aspect of your future trips. In fact, not just in case of your upcoming trip to Dubai, but also in cases of other international trips, as well as multi-country trips, you may be able to limit your overall expenditure to an acceptable figure with the information. In fact, with the money saved through the Niyo Global card, you may do a little more harmless shopping!

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