7 Cool ways to save on your first trip to Germany

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Always curious about that Berlin wall, ha? So, this year make yourself a promise to holidaying in Germany next year!

Yes, it will be expensive. But it’s noting you cannot do. All you need to do is to understand the objective, work out a manageable and realistic plan, and finally start calculating the travel budget. Below mentioned are a few travel-budget hacks that you help you to realise your dream. 

Here you go –

Get a forex card

Well, first things first – get yourself a forex card. One of the greatest benefits of owning a forex card is that it will help you to stay within your budget. In fact, a forex card will also help to bring down the expenditure to a certain extent – who wouldn’t want it, right? 

Since a forex card provides much better currency visa exchange rates in comparison to cash, you will be astonished, after every financial transaction, how the little money saved every time tots up a good happy sum. The constancy of currency fluctuations does not influence the rates provided by the forex cards. So, once you have reached the destination, simply swipe the card and collect the local cash. Try to make the most of these inherent features of your forex card by swiping it at the point of sale counters. 

Assess your expenditure

One of the best practices of a neat and careful traveller is laying out all the possible avenues for expenditures during a foreign trip. So, long before your trip, set yourself down and jot down all the possible pockets of expenditure. To begin with, the most customary of expenditure pockets are your flight tickets, stay, food, local transport and shopping. If you have plans to visit heritage centres, then you must find out if tourists are charged any ticket price. You must also be flexible with the calculations as expenditure of some of these elements may not conform to your pre-meditated estimates. Besides, it is always a good idea to set aside an emergency fund.

Start a dedicated travel fund

If you never tried out this travel hack, you must – it’s a saviour! In fact, setting up the travel fund is to be the very first thing you must do. You need to start researching and zeroing on the travel destination you want to visit aligning it with the time of travel. They go hand-in-hand. Then, you need to check the prices for flights, surf through the hotels and lodging options. You also need to find out the climate that you will face and accordingly purchase clothing items, including shoes, in case you do not have at hand. This point will complement the preceding point, thereby helping you to get ready for the trip!

Spend less on fancy stay and food 

As you vet through the possibilities for stay, try to remain within a pre-determined budget. Instead of googling about the hotels, try to ascertain if there are hostels, or homestays, or bed and breakfast lodging options in the country that you are planning to visit. These places tend to cost lesser yet retain all the possible amenities that as a traveller you need and want to enjoy for yourself. Also, remember that many of these lodgings run lucrative packages for travellers. So, watch out for these travel hacks! You will be able to retrench through this process.

Spend less on luxury

It is expected that you will shop when you are travelling. We all shop some for ourselves as well as for our folks back home. But try to avoid the expensive items or shops that sell expensive products. Your objective is to look for souvenirs and interesting curios, not expensive items to shop. So, you can go for the famous cuckoo clocks, German chocolates and porcelain, apart from fridge magnets of the Berlin wall! Finally, at the billing counters use your forex card to foot the bill. Forex cards will not cost you extra fee, hence taking your shopping experience to the hilt.

Travel by local transport

Every country has a unique local transport system. Germany has integrate buses, trams and underground trains. Do not avoid that! In stead try it out. As opposed to getting the cab service for yourself, transporting yourself locally will not only let you save a little more, but also guarantee a great immediate experience of the local culture. You will be facilitated to connect with the locals, listen to their language and notice many pleasantly unexpected little things about the place, its culture, civilisation and its people.

Do the free activities

Germany proffers adventurous activities, such as skiing, sledding, tenting, etc., to take part in. Do not hesitate for a moment to join in. Sometimes these activities are free-of-cost; make it a point to try out the free activities. And in case they charge, it is better to keep some local cash at hand. In that case what is suggestible is that you encash local currency using our forex card and use it up for the thrill!

So, are ready for your dream destination?

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