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Do you find it challenging to accumulate enough to save and invest? After all, with all the attractive sale offers everywhere, saving money for investments proves to be a challenge, doesn’t it?

Why should saving be a challenge when you can save by accumulating ‘chillar’ from your transactions, a la piggy bank system! You don’t need to run to the store to pick one up. NiyoX gives you a digital piggy bank for micro-savings. Interested? Let’s explore further.

NiyoX has launched the innovative ‘Invest the Change’ feature to help you save small amounts every time you spend and create a small corpus, just like you can with a piggy bank. The corpus can then be invested in mutual fund schemes of your choice for earning returns. Here’s a closer look into how it works: –

Invest the Change – the concept

The concept of ‘Invest the Change’ is based on micro-investing. The feature is available on the NiyoX app which allows you to invest small amounts into mutual fund schemes and avail attractive returns.

How it works

Here’s how the concept of ‘Invest the Change’ is put into practice:

  • All the transactions (except mutual fund investments) that you make with your NiyoX account are rounded off to the next 10, 50 or 100 rupees as per your choice

  • The difference of rounding off is accumulated into a corpus

  • Once the accumulated corpus becomes Rs.100, it is invested in a mutual fund scheme that you choose as per your preferred investment tips and risk appetite.

Let’s understand with an example:

Suppose, in a month, you use your NiyoX account for the following transactions –

Transaction Amount
Electricity bill 999
Restaurant 1080
School fees 1490
Grocery 2170
Fuel 890
Gas bill 881
DTH bill 590

Here’s how the concept of ‘Invest the Change’ would work and round off your purchases (in this case to the next ₹ 100):

Transaction Amount Rounded off amount Change amount
Electricity bill 999 1000 1
Restaurant 1080 1100 20
School fees 1490 1500 10
Grocery 2170 2200 30
Fuel 890 900 10
Gas bill 881 900 19
DTH bill 590 600 10
Total 8100 8200 100

The concept of ‘Invest the Change’ is a beneficial one, especially for small-time investors who are unsure of how much is the right amount to invest. Some of the main benefits of this concept include the following –

  1. Investing in mutual fund schemes for wealth creation even with limited savings

  2. A disciplined approach to savings where the accumulation and investment process is automated so that your money is automatically saved with every spend

  3. The investment is simple and convenient allowing even the most passive of investors to enjoy the benefits of mutual fund investing

  4. The entire concept is digitized through the NiyoX app wherein you can switch on or switch off the investment feature at your will

  5. The choice of the mutual fund scheme is in your hands. It allows you to choose a scheme depending on your financial goals, investment horizon, asset allocation and risk appetite

  6. You can easily track your spending, the accumulated change and the subsequent investments at your fingertips

The ‘Invest the Change’ concept is both penny and pound wise and allows you to save small amounts in an effective manner to generate inflation-adjusted returns. So, opt for this feature and let even the smallest investments create wealth for your financial goals.

With the NiyoX 100-seconds online savings account opening process, digital banking services are at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Download NiyoX today and get onboard the Spend.Save.Invest bandwagon!

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