How is this card different from other Forex cards?


     This is an INR card, which can be used globally, including in India.




What currencies does this support/carry?


     Your INR is converted to other currencies when you use your card. Our card works in over 150 countries.




What is the Forex Markup you charge?


     Zero. At the time of settlement, you will only be charged the the prevalent VISA exchange rate.




What is the "VISA exchange rate"?


     The VISA exchange rate is the Forex rate charge by the VISA treasury. This is very close to IBRs (inter-bank rates),


     or the rate at which banks exchange currency with one another. This is widely known as the lowest possible


     exchange rate.




Is there a way to track my transactions?


     Yes. Your card is fully supported by our NiYO mobile banking app, through which you get real-time transaction


     notifications, transaction summaries, balance inquiries, custom bank statements, safety features, an ATM locator,


     an up-to-date currency converter, the ability to transfer funds, and much more.




What is the validity of the card?


     Your card is valid for 5 years.




How secure is this card?


     Very secure. For enhanced security, your card comes with an emdedded CHIP making it impossible to clone.


     Also, you can use your mobile application to lock and unlock your card at anytime. We also offer channel-wise


     locking for online purchasing security, and the ability to change your ATM PIN whenever you need to. If your card


     is stolen, you can use your application to completely block the card, as well.




How much do I have to pay for this card?


     Currently there are no joining fees for the card.




How do I get this card?


     The Global Card is currently available only via invitation. You can register through our website (


     and we will get back to you.




Do I need to be registered with my corporation to use this card?


     No. The card can be obtained both in an individual capacity and through your corporate.




What are the requirements to get this card?


     We can only issue cards to Indian Citizens holding a valid Aadhaar and PAN card.




Can this card be issued to minors?


     No. Minors cannot currently get their own card. However, with our upcoming supplementary card, you will be able


     to give minors limited access to your Global Card account.




Where all does this card work?


     Anywhere in the world where VISA cards are accepted.




Does it work online?


     Yes, the card can be used to make purchases online.




Does it work at POS machines?


     Yes, the card can be used at all VISA-compatible POS machines.




Does it work at ATMs?


     Yes, the card can be used to withdraw cash at all ATMs that accept VISA cards.




Is there a fee for ATM withdrawals?


     NiYO does not impose any fees on ATM withdrawals. However, the bank that the ATM belongs to might have their


     own fees associated with withdrawals.




How do I load money onto this card?


          First time users have to transfer using their bank's website

        - Login to respective bank's portal

        - Add beneficiary details, your account number and IFSC code

        - Transfer using NEFT/IMPS


           Subsequently, users can also use there mobile banking to transfer money to their Niyo Accounts




Are there any spending limits on my card?


     Yes, there are credit and spending limits on the card. All of these are available on the mobile app and in your

     welcome kit.























How do I know my account number?


     Your IFSC and account numbers will be mentioned in your welcome kit. These numbers can also be found on the


     NiYO app on your profile. Your account number will be on the bottom left hand corner of your Global Card.




What is my IFSC code?


     Your IFSC will be in the format: DCBL0000VAA. This will be mentioned on your NiYO app and in the welcome kit.




Can I load cash onto my NiYO card?


     No. Cash loading in any form is not permitted with your NiYO card.




Can I transfer money back to my account from my NiYO card?


     Yes. You can transfer funds from your NiYO account to any other bank account in India.




Can I use this card to account for my business expenses?


     Yes. You can use this card for business use. You can file your expenses and submit bills for these expenses directly to


     your corporate through the NiYO mobile app.




Can I track the claims that I submit?


     Yes. The status of every claim that you submit can be tracked on the NiYO mobile app. This is regularly updated for


     your convenience.




Can I get a supplementary card?


     We are launching our supplementary cards very soon, so that you always have a backup card to use. This will also


     help you split access to the funds in your account between multiple users.




Are there any limits for how much I can spend with my card?


     Yes, there are limits. All of these are available on the mobile app and in your welcome kit.




How do I know the exchange rate that I’ve been charged?


     Every transaction that you make will appear in your transaction summary page on the NiYO app. This will give you


     the full details for your transaction, including the exchange rate that you've been charged.




What happens if I lose my card?


     You can lock your card using the app, to prevent further usage. If you cannot recover your card, you can also


     irreversibly block your card from usage using the app. If you do lose your card, we recommend contacting our


     customer support services immediately.




How can I get bank statements?


     You can use your app to generate custom bank statements. Go to the "More" menu and tap on "Statements" to


     generate either monthly bank statements, or statements for specific date ranges or purchasing categories.




How can I lock/unlock my card?


     You can lock/unlock your card using the mobile app. Just go to the "Manage Cards" option in the "More" menu and


     verify your details.




How do I change my ATM PIN?


     You can change your ATM PIN using the mobile app. Just go to the "Manage Cards" option in the "More" menu and


     verify your details.




How do I use the mobile app?


     You can download the mobile app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for free. Once you have your


     card set up, just verify your details and you'll be all set.




Can the card work without the mobile app?


     Yes, however the app is helpful for tracking your expenditures, making the most of our safety features, and getting


     the most out of your Global Card experience.




Can I access my information on the web?


     Yes. You can manage your NiYO account, login to




How do I check my card balance?


      You can check your card balance at any time on the home screen of the app. You can also check at ATMs, but there


      are fees associated with each balance inquiry. We recommend using the app whenever possible.




How would I know if someone else was using my card?


     With our app, you get real-time notifications for every purchase made using your card. This way, you will be instantly


     notified whenever your card is used.




Where can I find ATMs to withdraw money from?


     Our app includes a helpful ATM locator on the home screen. Just tap "ATM locator", and the app will automatically


     use your location to show you the closest available ATMs that you can use.




What fees and charges are there?


     Schedule of charges need to be hyperlinked to charges page




What is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?


     Dynamic Currency Code (DCC) is a process by which MasterCard or VISA card transactions (online, offline, and ATM)


     are converted from the local currency to the currency of the card issuer’s country. Using DCC, merchants can


     charge additional markups on the base exchange rate, which usually means the customer pays a higher price for the


     purchased item.



How can you avoid DCC?


     While make a transaction in a foreign currency, both on and offline, you can choose the currency you would like to


     pay in. To ensure that your payment amount is as close as possible to the actual price of your purchase, we


     recommend transacting in the local currency.


Credit/Top Up






Fund Transfer

Per Transaction







Daily Transaction







Monthly Transaction






As per Balance

Yearly Transaction






As per Balance


What is Salary Advance?


     Salary Advance helps you receive upto 50% of your salary as credit between salary cycles.




How do employees get the salary advance after their corporate has signed up?


     When your corporate opts into the Salary Advance program, you can automatically opt-in for the program during the


     on-boarding process.




Who is entitled to a Salary Advance?


     Based on the corporate approval, all employees may be entitled. The final issuance is subject to corporate approval


     and our internal proprietary credit scoring criteria.




What's the minimum and maximum amount you can get?


     You can get a maximum upto 50% of your salary in advance.




How can I get Salary Advance? How do I apply for a salary advance?


     Currently your corporate has to subscribe to our salary advance program. Once your organization has opted for the


     program, you would be considered eligible for the advance.




What is the benefit? How does it help me?


     It provides you with extra funds and auto-settlement facility. There is no processing fee and no hassle of maintaining


     multiple cards. This provides you with better choices to manage your cash flow. You can also use this program to


     avoid debt traps and build your credit history.




How do I use the amount?


     You can use it like a regular credit card for online/offline transactions.




How does the salary advance Credit settlement work? How can I do the payment? How do I settle my dues?


     The settlement is automatic. The system will settle your dues/usage against the incoming funds on your


     NiYO account.




How do I add funds on the card?


     You can currently add funds via NEFT.




Does the auto-settlement process clear the dues partially?


     The auto-settlement process against usage can happen completely or partially based on the fund availability in your


     account. The pending amount, if any, will be reflected as outstanding in your app/webapp/statement. Note that


     outstanding accounts would be considered ineligible for further issuance of advance




What is the interest rate for late payments?


     The interest rate applicable would be 18% per annum on your outstanding amount and would be calculated from the


     expiry date onwards. (Note that interest grace period of 15 days will be applicable from date of expiry)




Can I get out of the salary advance program anytime? How do I get out of the program?


     Yes. You can opt out of the program anytime from your mobile/web app or by raising a support request from the


     app. You can also write to us at




What are the charges?


     There are no charges on online/offline transactions. For fund transfers and ATM withdrawals, 2% charges are levied.


How do I open a salary account?


     When your corporate collaborates with us, we will set up oboarding kiosks. You can then come with your Aadhaar


     card, and one of our agents will get you set up with our 30-second Aashaar-based KYC process.




Can I convert my salary account to zero balance saving account?


     It is already a zero balance account. No conversion is needed




What documents do I need to sumbit for opening a NiYO salary account?


     Aadhaar for salary account. PAN if you are seeking credit products or global card.




What are the benefits of opening a salary account with NiYO


     No monthly minimum charges, zero balance acccount, state-of-the-art security, minimal charges, tax saving


     options, and much more!




Do I have to get a seperate Reimbursment Account?


     No, everything can be done with your NiYO card.




Do I require an invitation from a existing account holder of NiYO?


     No, if your corporate is using NiYO, then you are eligible for an account.




What's the Maximum and minimum amount for a day if I do: 1 Cash withdrawl, 2. Deposite


     ATM limits for withdrawal: For Yes Bank, it is a total of 1 lakh across all wallets that are tied up with


     YBL (ask around for SOR integration)




What can be done with NiYO mobile app?


     You can lock, unlock, and block your card and payment channels, see transactions, claim reimbursements, seek


     support, opt in and out of programs, check your balance, change your ATM PIN, and contact our customer support.




How do i check my accout balance?


     You can check your account balance on the NiYO mobile and web apps (, IVR, or at an ATM.


     However, if you are checking your balance at an ATM you may be subject to a balance inquiry fee.


     We recommend checking your balance using our application or IVR.




What is IVR?


     Interactive voice response. This can help you learn more about your account details just by calling a secure line.


     (IVR number: 18602583009)




How can I use IVR?


     Call this number and follow the instructions: (). You can use IVR to activate your card, lock/unlock your card,


     check your balance, obtain ministatements, get on-demand loans, and more. advace salary




Are there any charges for salary advance?


     You will be charged 2% of your salary advance as processing fees.


What is NiYO?


     NiYO is an employee benefits platform comprising of a card and a mobile app.




Is NiYO tax compliant?


     NiYO is in partnership with reputed banks and complies with all the government tax guidelines.




What does NiYO do?


     NiYO aims to increase the take-home salaries by simplifying financial planning and execution.




Who can use NiYO?


     NiYO can be used by the employees of corporates that have signed up for NiYO.




How can corporates sign up?


     Write to us on




How does NiYO help corporates?


     NiYO helps in streamlining flexi-benefits process thereby reducing paperwork and saving cost.




Does the corporate have to adopt new process?


     NO, NiYO works seamlessly with all existing HR systems and processes.




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