Digitized Employee Benefits & Reimbursements

Increase your take-home Salary upto ₹1 Lakh

With NiYO’s seamless, digitized employee benefits system, there’s no turning back. Your NiYO card and mobile application make expense reimbursements and saving on taxes easier than ever before.

Tax-Saving Flexible Benefits Plan


Use your Flexible Benefits Plan (FBP) to set aside money to avail tax benefits on, while keeping your personal expenditures separate. That means getting taxed on less, and more money in your pocket.

The Better Way to File Claims



No more stacks of paper receipts, to file a claim:


    -   Use your NiYO card

    -   Take a picture of the bill with your NiYO app

    -   File the claim using the NiYO app

    -   Track the status of all your claims real-time

Track Your Tax Savings Real-Time



Track all your claims and see how much tax you’ve saved through our app

Avail Flexi-Benefits For



-   Food Allowance/Meal Vouchers

-   Mobile/Broadband

-   Fuel/Car Maintenance/Driver Salary

-   Research & Periodicals

-   Gift Allowance

-   Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)

-   Uniform

How Does It Work?


Through your company, you’ll either get a Flexi-wallet or a Credit Line for your Tax Benefits.



With the Flexi-wallet, you’ve got a prepaid wallet that you can spend to avail tax benefits. All you have to do is spend on what your company offers benefits on, and take pictures of your receipts.



With the Credit Line, you’re not spending, you’re getting reimbursed. You spend and submit receipts here, just like with a Flexi-wallet!



Where does this money come from? Your FBP! What would have been taxed, just like your personal spending, is now tax-free.



That’s more of your salary in your pocket, ready for you to spend.