Single card for all employee payouts

Payroll, Food coupons, Gift vouchers, Allowances, Perquisites and Reimbursements

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Check NiYO Balance details anywhere and understand applicable pocket specific tax benefits.


One Card - Multiple Benefits

All Tax Saving Employee benefits like food, medical, fuel, travel, phone, other allowances can be loaded on a single NIYO Employee Benefits Card.

Instant Distribution

All NiYO Employee Benefits Cards can be instantly loaded. No physical distribution of vouchers, coupons etc.

Wide Acceptance

NiYO is accepted at all MasterCard, Visa and Rupay merchants and online sites. Employees spend with ease and peace of mind.

Flexible and Compliant

Customize NiYO employee benefits card as per your employee specific compensation plan. NiYO is 100 % tax compliant and works with your existing compliance policies.


Lock NiYO card from admin panel. Keep money your safe.

Digital Storage

NiYO removes the hassles of keeping physical bills by saving all your bills right inside its mobile app.

Check NiYO Balance details anywhere and understand applicable pocket specific tax benefits.

Why Employers Love NiYO

NiYO is a one stop solution to manage payroll & benefits in a convenient, compliant and cost effective manner.

  • Digital process for easier auditing
  • Custom solutions to meet respective compliance laws
  • One click distribution
  • Cost effective
  • Employee friendly
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Multiple Pockets to Avail Benefits Easily

NiYO provides multiple pockets in a single card enabling multipurpose use by removing the hassle of carrying a food card, a shopping card or any other benefits card seperately. All the funcionality is now present in one single card! All you have to do is swipe the card and the money is automatically deducted from the right pocket making it absolutely tension free. Additionaly, with NiYO, you don't need to store physical bills of your transactions to avail the tax benefits or save taxes. All of your pocket wise info is available in the NiYO mobile app, making it easier for you to track your spending.

In short, NiYO is a one stop solution for Food, Medical, Fuel, Travel, Phone and various other tax exempted benefits.

NiYO multipockets help you customise your employee benefits
NiYO transactions claim and benefits can be customised to your employee benefits

Detailed Transactions

NiYO card comes with a companion mobile app which works as an interface for your card. You can view and edit all your transactions in the app with a single tap. The app also helps you organise your spends and savings by -

  • - Tracking categorised expenses
  • - Helping plan your saving
  • - Assisting in paying your bills on time

among other functions

Attach Reciepts and Claim Reimbursements

With NiYO, claiming reimbursements is seamless. The app allows you to submit a request for reimbursement with a single tap. All you have to do is attach a reciept for a particular transaction and our system takes care of everything else. You can attach multiple reciepts for one transaction.

Attaching reciepts frees you from saving the physical copies of bills required for claims & reimbursements.

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