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Grow your money using our Wealth Management App with in-built robo-advisory.

Invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks and Goals all from one app.

Niyo Money App
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Niyo Money APP Features

Zero Commissions,
Unlimited Investments

  • Invest in Direct Mutual Funds
Invest in more than 5000 Mutual Funds, on your own.
  • No Transactional Charges
Invest in the best with absolutely No Transaction Charges.
  • No Account Fees or Any Other Hidden Charges
Invest worry free with no account fees or any hidden charges.

Super-power Your Investments With Goals

  • Invest Like a Pro
Create separate goals for Short Term and Long Term Investments and track them easily.
  • Get Expert Fund Recommendations
Choose the best funds with our Data-driven Mutual Fund selection strategy.
  • Keep Your Portfolio Always In Sync With The Markets
Buy low and sell high with our One-click Portfolio Rebalancing.
Invest like a Pro with Niyo Money
Invest in Stocks, IPOs & ETFs with Niyo Money

Stocks, IPOs & ETFs for Direct Investing

  • Online and Simple
Open a 100% Online Stock Trading account which is hassle-free and easy to use.
  • Transparent Investing
Zero Account Opening Charges with a Flat Brokerage Plan of up to ₹20 per trade. Also, one of the lowest AMC charges across industry!
  • Power Packed Features
Enjoy applying for upcoming IPOs or leverage your trades up to 20x for intraday and 4x for delivery.

Coming Soon

  • Invest in Fixed Deposit
  • Invest in International Stocks
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