NiYO’s All-In-One Salary Account



By marrying the human touch of HR and the elegance of technology, NiYO brings tax-compliant payroll and benefits processing, and streamlined expenditure planning to our users on a safe, simple, and transparent platform.


Instant Account Activation



-   Zero paperwork credit lines

-   30-second onboarding with Aadhaar-based KYC

-   Biometric authentication (with compatible smartphones)


Take charge of your Finances



-   Borrow money from your future self every month

-   Upto 50% salary advance at ZERO interest

-   No minimum balance charges

-   Monitor your spending with in-depth transaction details

-   Build your credit history and improve your credit score

-   Comprehensive wealth management tools


Enjoy Innovative Features



-   Lock and unlock different spending wallets

-   Lock and unlock full NiYO card

-   Change your ATM PIN

-   Easy fund transfer via NEFT/IMPS

-   Generate and download custom range bank statements


Get the Most Out of

Your Salary

Get upto 50% of your Salary in Advance at ZERO Interest






With your salary account you can access upto 50% of your salary as credit between pay dates. Use this to settle bills, buy groceries, or take care of any unexpected payments. Use your salary the way you want to, by borrowing from your future self.


Use this to avoid debt traps, establish a credit history, and much more, all using your own money at no extra charge. No more cash crunches or needing to borrow from your friends.


If you'd like to opt in or out, go to your Advantage Settings in the "More" menu of your NiYO app.

How it works?